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CVE-2022-35922: Network Applications with Some Mayhem

Evan Richter
September 22, 2022

Untrusted websocket connections can cause an out-of-memory (OOM) process abort in a client or a server. By running Mayhem, we uncovered an uncontrolled memory allocation (CWE 789) and reported it as CVE-2022-35922

Meet Our Mayhem Heroes: Raj Shah

Editorial Staff
September 21, 2022

"Mayhem was able to crash a handful of well-funded software projects ... vulnerabilities in those smaller projects that don’t receive enough scrutiny yet are (indirectly) used in countless other critical projects" - Raj Shah

How to Get Started with Mayhem

Editorial Staff
September 20, 2022

Mayhem can analyze compiled binaries written in languages like C/C++, Go, Rust, Java, and Python that read from a file, standard input, or from the network via a TCP or UDP socket. Mayhem also handles user-land (containerized) Linux applications.

How to Start with Mayhem for API

Editorial Staff
September 15, 2022

If you haven't done so yet, the fastest way to get started is to sign up for a free plan at . If you already have an account, then you are ready to go for the next steps!

The Hacker Mind Podcast: How To Become A 1337 Hacker

Robert Vamosi
September 14, 2022

CTFs are for people to teach themselves, through games, how to be better hackers. In fact, some are designed to teach you, through gamification, how to reverse engineer. At the very least, Capture the Flag challenges you to solve problems creatively. That’s something that is often missing.

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