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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Digital Forensics

Robert Vamosi
December 02, 2021

So you’ve been hit with ransomware and, for whatever reason, you paid the bitcoin but now the decryptor doesn’t work. Who are you going to call for help? Paula Januszkiewicz, from Cqure , joins The Hacker Mind to discuss her two presentations at SecTor 2021 on digital forensics.

10 Gifts for the Developer in Your Life

Vincent Alese
December 01, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the developer or engineer in your life? Look no further than these top ten gift ideas for the holidays!

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking Behavioral Biometrics

Robert Vamosi
November 18, 2021

AI is almost good enough at simulating human activity to defeat the biometric systems designed to fight fraud, effectively putting us back at square one. Iain Paterson and Justin Macorin join The Hacker Mind podcast to share insights from their SecTor 2021 talk on hacking behavioral biometrics. If an adversarial ...

Why Fuzz Testing Is Indispensable: Jarkko Lamsa

Tamulyn Takakura
November 09, 2021

I recently spoke to Gartner on the addition of fuzz testing to their Critical Capabilities for the Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant. In that conversation, one analyst shared that companies that implement fuzz testing programs never rip them out. Why? They’re just too valuable. This is a bold statement, especially ...

Jeff Moss on the Evolution of Hacking at SecTor 2021

Robert Vamosi
November 03, 2021

Jeff Moss gave a keynote speech at SecTor in Toronto, that was nostalgic, reflecting on the evolution of hacking.

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