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The Next Generation Of
Application Security Is Here

Continuously and accurately test applications for vulnerabilities as a part of development workflows. Stop hampering developer productivity and start enabling them to focus on what they do best: code.

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Comprehensively and quickly test APIs for performance and reliability issues before code get deployed. Rest your services on quality APIs.

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Make Secure, Reliable Software Your Competitive Advantage

Protect Developer Productivity

Win developer trust with zero-false positives and actionable results. Make application security collaborative, not combative.

Preempt Future Threats

ForAllSecure allows you to respond -- not react -- to threats by uncovering zero-days and unknown vulnerabilities. Get ahead of the threat landscape.

Get Peace of Mind

Don’t get jerked around by all-hands-on-deck security and reliability incidents. Find and fix issues before they lead to costly recalls, downtime, or exploits.

Make Security Invisible

Security testing happens continuously and silently as a part of CICD workflows. Introduce layers of testing without the friction. 

Customize Testing To Each App

Don't rely on pre-built test suites that take a one-size-fits-all approach. Autonomous test case generation capabilities intelligently tailors testing to each app.

Maintain Test Suites Automatically

Autonomously generated test cases are used for regression, allowing new runs to pick up where it left off. Test suites are automatically maintained and optimized.

Why ForAllSecure Mayhem Works

Mayhem's fuzz testing technology observes how applications behave under test, not through simulation. Unlike static code analysis, Mayhem is able to validate every defect, delivering accurate results each time. Each finding is supplemented with test cases that not only pinpoint and reproduce issues, but also verify and expedite fixes. Developers receive in-depth system level information, such as backtrace, memory logs, and register state, for additional context throughout an issue’s diagnosis.

Rely on trustworthy results that eliminate test triaging and empower developers to focus on building new features.

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A Versatile Solution For Any Vertical

From 2012 to 2017, the Department of Defense found vulnerabilities in nearly all critical weapon systems under development. Mayhem for Code is a federally- recommended security solution for continuous, automated, accurate testing.

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For some businesses, service availability is mission-critical. Mayhem for Code delivers continuous, automated, accurate security testing, so your services remain resilient – even in the face of the unexpected.

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61% of organizations say that lack of automated, integrated testing tools is a top challenge for DevSecOps. ForAllSecure Mayhem delivers automated and integrated security, performance, and reliability testing.

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