Mayhem for API

Automate Your API Testing

Every team. Every API. Every time.

Free Plan

For the solo developers and small teams that need the basic features to test their APIs.


Unlimited Developers
Limited Free License


  • Performance & reliability results
  • CI/CD integration
  • GitHub integration
  • Up to 50 monthly scans
  • 1 concurrent scan
  • 3-month data retention

For organizations requiring enterprise-grade features with a large number of apps and developers.



25 developers
30-day Unlimited Free Trial


  • Unlimited API scans
  • Unlimited applications
  • CI/CD integration
  • Github integration
  • Email support

For organizations requiring enterprise grade features with a large number of apps and developers.

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50+ developers
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  • Everything in Professional plus
  • Unlimited developers
  • Enterprise Support & SLAs


The Free plan provides access to all the features but with monthly limits on usage. As long as developers stay within those limits, they can continue to use the Free Plan. The Free Trial provides full access to all the features without limits for 30-days.  After that, Free Trial users will have to downgrade to the Free Plan or upgrade to either the Professional or Enterprise versions. 

With the Free plan there are monthly limits on usage. With the Professional and Enterprise plans, you may run as many tests as you would like against your own APIs.

We refer to a developer as any active contributor who has made at least one commit in the last 90 day to the project you are testing with Mayhem for APIs.

Mayhem for API counts developers by analyzing the git and CICD context of your tested applications.

Developers can contribute to multiple repositories being tested. Therefore, to maintain a unique number of contributors, the count is collected per billing account. Each contributor is counted by their registered email address; alternatively, if the user did not use a mail, they are counted by their username. This is similar to the functionality when you run`git log`.

Mayhem for API does not store any actual git user emails in its database but instead uses the hashes of the emails for counting contributing developers. Mayhem for API uses the hash of the local git author email, i.e. the email that is set locally in the user's git config.

Your billing page shows the number of contributing developers. A total unique contributors across all repositories is shown. This is a de-duped list of contributing developers. In other words, a developer with commits to more than one repository will only be counted once.

No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe. See Stripe’s Terms and Services.

All plans have administrators and collaborators. Collaborators can view and contribute to projects, but can’t access billing details or invite team members.