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API Security, Performance,
and Validation

Security: Best in class API code security using agent-less, AI-based analysis.

Performance: Measure endpoint latency and find slow code before it hits production.

Validation and Verification: Keep your API users and customers happy by ensuring your API implementation matches the specification.

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Mayhem for API was built to enable a developer to get meaningful testing results within 5 minutes. Mayhem for API was also built so organizations can automatically test APIs with simple integrations with development and build pipeline solutions. Organizations should be focused on Mayhem for APIs testing results, not the process of conducting the testing.

Every test step adds friction and drag to your organization’s velocity. Mayhem for API combines API performance and reliability testing into a single run, providing comprehensive coverage without sacrificing velocity.

The fuzzing engine in Mayhem for API automatically parses the API specification and generates test cases the API will understand. Mayhem for API uses previous tests results to generate new test cases automatically, allowing deeper testing of application logic and providing test coverage of all specified APIs. 

Dynamic fuzz testing provides results based on how the APIs actually behave under test, not through simulation or static code analysis. Having trustworthy results eliminates the need to test triage steps and allows developers to focus on writing high quality software.

Mayhem for API integrates with popular source code management systems to automatically test each pull request and provide testing results directly into the PR for developers to review and act on without having to wait for another team to conduct testing and communicate results.

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