Continuously uncover defects with unprecedented speed, scale, and accuracy.

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Advanced Application
Security Testing, Simplified

Mayhem is an advanced fuzz testing solution that dramatically reduces manual testing efforts with autonomous defect detection and validation.

Deliver safe, secure, reliable software with less time, cost, and effort.

We Continuously Test, So You
Can Continously Develop

Mayhem’s unique advantage is in its ability to acquire intelligence of its targets over time. As Mayhem’s knowledge grows, it deepens its analysis and maximizes its code coverage.

All reported vulnerabilities are exploitable, confirmed risks. Mayhem guides remediation efforts with in-depth system level information, such as backtraces, memory logs, and register state, expediting issue diagnosis and fixes.

Mayhem utilizes target feedback to custom generate test cases on the fly -- meaning no manual test case generation required. Mayhem offers access to all of its test cases to make regression testing effortless and continuous.

Mayhem uncovers security defects early and often by shifting-left verification testing, allowing organizations to control remediation costs and prevent time-to-market delays.

Mayhem requires neither source code nor changes to your build or code. Whether you rely on free open source code or third-party software, Mayhem mitigates risk inherited by today’s intricate and unchecked software supply chain.

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