Mayhem for Code

Bleeding-edge defense requires bleeding-edge testing

From 2012 to 2017, the Department of Defense found vulnerabilities in nearly all critical weapon systems under development. Mayhem for Code is a federally-recommended security solution for continuous, automated, accurate testing.

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Security is About Getting
Ahead of Attackers

Developmental testing

Static analysis techniques produce high false-positives, slowing development momentum and wasting precious expertise on manual defect validation.

Operational testing

Software composition analysis takes a reactive approach, scanning only for known vulnerabilities in third-party code.

Mayhem for Code Outpaces Attackers

  • Patented technology from a decade of research at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Analyzes target feedback to autonomously generate test cases on-the-fly
  • Scales scarce security resources, allowing them to focus on strategic, not tactical initiatives
  • Accurate and precise fuzzing that uncovers defects with zero false-positives
  • Detailed and actionable results for efficient remediation
  • Development teams are enabled to focus on what they do best: code
  • Mayhem for Code was developed with a federal-first mindset, allowing for on-prem deployments on completely isolated networks
  • Obtain control and flexibility for operational testing
  • Stop inheriting risk from your software supply chain
  • Mayhem for Code acquires knowledge over its targets to autonomously deepens its analysis and expands its code coverage
  • Explore unknown or uncommon attack patterns, commonly leveraged by adversaries, to uncover deep defects

John S. McCain National Defense Act

H.R. 5515—516—SEC 1657

The National Defense Act calls for a report on the enhancement of software security for critical systems, recommending binary analysis and symbolic execution tools developed under the Cyber Grand Challenge of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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