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What Is An Uncaught Exception Error?

Editorial Staff
June 01, 2022

CWE 248-Uncaught Exception occurs when an exception is not caught by a programming construct or by the programmer, it results in an uncaught exception. In Java, for example, this would be an unhandled exception that would terminate the program. Other languages have similar constructs. This can lead to unexpected behavior and may cause a loss of data if the program was in the middle of processing data. It may also lead to a security issue if the exception is not handled properly and results in revealing too much information about the program or system to an attacker.

Uncaught exceptions can be prevented by proper handling of exceptions in the code. Exceptions should be caught in a try/catch block or by using a finally block. In some cases, it may be necessary to throw the exception to a higher level so that it can be properly handled. Proper handling of exceptions will ensure that the program behaves as expected and prevents data loss or security issues.

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