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To All The Tools I’ve Loved Before: The Selfish One (IAST)

Tamulyn Takakura
March 10, 2021

Valentine’s Day has unfortunately come to a close. What follows love? Heartbreak.

That’s right, it's time to dust off your best stationary and bust out the ice cream because we’re writing a series of break up letters. 

What can we say? Life has embittered us...or has it? You’ll have to wait until the end of this To All The Tools I’ve Loved Before four part blog series to find out. 

See below for part 3 of this blog series. Part one (SCA). Part two (SAST).


Dear Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST),

You liked things a certain way and I respected that. I thought they were signs that you were confident in what you wanted for our future. It took time for me to see that all it meant was things had to always be your way.

You expected me to change into your ideal AppSec partner. Making me change who I am -- my code, my build -- to meet your needs, to test on your terms. You got to decide how much testing was good enough. It was never a mutual decision. 

I knew it couldn’t go on when I confronted you about how I had been feeling. For some time, I had been overwhelmed with the feeling that this relationship was one-sided. You became temperamental, threatening to take me down when I least expected it. Then you became passive, until you disengaged completely.

I didn’t know about your wandering eye at the time. I’d like to believe it’s because I wasn't your type. Let’s face it. You have a “thing” for web apps and you couldn’t resist running off with one. Clearly I didn’t fit your mold, so you terminated our runs. In hindsight, it was for the best.

It takes two for a partnership to work. I now realize that there was no “us”, only “you”.

This relationship wasn’t healthy. At least I walked away learning to prioritize me and my needs. I can’t always be the one pleasing my partner. 

Good riddance,

Your Apps


Are all these references flying over your head? Then, you ought to check out Netflix’s hit teen romcom series: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

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