Our Story

ForAllSecure was founded in 2012 with the mission of securing the world's software.

To achieve our mission, we believe that maximizing both machine and human potential is required. To achieve the scale needed to tackle the ever growing volume of software being written, we are pioneering autonomous cybersecurity tools for developers, enterprise IT, and end-users that automatically find and fix vulnerabilities in run-time executable software.

ForAllSecure’s patented technology from over a decade of research resulted in MAYHEM, a fully autonomous cybersecurity system. At the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge, the world’s first all-machine hacking tournament, MAYHEM was battle-tested and took first place in August 2016.

Machines will never be as creative as humans, though, so ForAllSecure is also committed to HackCenter, a training platform designed to teach anyone the actionable skills needed to be effective in cybersecurity, as well as the delivery of in-person training events.

By combining the scale of autonomous machine-based cybersecurity tools with the creativity and ingenuity of humans armed with the right skills, ForAllSecure seeks to stack the deck in favor of the good guys.

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Richard Bae

Research & Development

David Brumley

CEO and Co-Founder

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Research & Development

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Business Operations Manager

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Development & UX

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Research & Development

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VP of Engineering

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