• Software testing


    Mayhem automatically generates test cases for your software, automatically covering corner cases and code paths easily missed.

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  • Stamp out bugs

    while testing your Linux programs.

    Mayhem automatically searches for bugs and outputs test cases, reducing the cost to debug and fix problems.

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  • We love Linux

    and have identified thousands of bugs.

    We believe in improving Linux. Mayhem has run on over 22,000 Linux programs and counting, automatically generated millions of test cases, and automatically identified thousands of bugs.

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Automated Testing

Mayhem automatically generates test cases for your Linux programs. Already have test cases? Mayhem amplifies them by exploring alternate paths.

Find Bugs

Mayhem finds bugs. Lots of bugs. With just 5 minutes run time per application, Mayhem found more than 5,000 unique bugs in Debian stable.

Actionable Results

Mayhem provides real test cases, making every run and every reported bug reproducible. Typical bug-finding tools don't, wasting your time chasing false positives.

Easy Setup

Just point Mayhem at your application and run. It is that easy. Want more? Mayhem can also be fine-tuned to your application.

Find out about using Mayhem on your applications today!